Bystander Brands

We may disagree, argue, debate and eventually accept that brands do play an important influencing role in our lives. Brands continue to be a part of our life. The most powerful brands are ones that are a part of our memories. We believe in their brand world or brands that help create communities/ strike companionship/ offer a sense of familiarity.

Today, as a marketing mom, when the young girls and children are going through a phase of catharsis, where they have finally found a voice and need to be encouraged to bring about a societal change – Why is the marketing fraternity quiet and going about the usual way of conducting business around their brands? There is nothing normal going on out there. Things will never be the same for this young generation. More importantly, they will demand change.

We all are aware about the fact that there are far more ‘youthful’ brands in India than there are brands for the youth. Given India’s large young population, that’s a huge disappointment. Brands need to start working on the idea of changing itself from a youthful brand to a brand for the youth by creating opportunities to connect with them.

Brands can give them that voice/platform to reach out, stamina to hang in there and motivation to sensitize society and much more. Accelerating youth empowerment for sustainable development is one of the essentials of our country’s bright future.

Young India has the potential in making great strides with unique and far-reaching initiatives. Now here comes the role of a brand to find a place where they can fit in to help these young minds and work together to generate some unique and creative ideas that can further thrive for social change.

A marketer’s next aim should be to create a brand that connects India’s youth and the brand itself with a cause. There are great causes to connect with young India and our youth are increasingly coming forward as volunteers for being the agents of change.

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