You are more beautiful than you think!

Dove has created a campaign titled ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ that shows women that they are more beautiful than they think. The advertisement demonstrates the disparity between a woman’s self-image and a stranger’s perception, playing on the common saying, “You are your own worst critic”. I appreciate the bravery of Dove as a brand in looking under the hood and exposing the real emotions and insecurities that motivate its customers. It clearly resonated with me, and many other female co-workers and friends that I spoke with. The most positive aspect of this ad campaign is the triggering of a public conversation on the power of media, advertising, and the views of women and beauty.


This particular Dove ad doesn’t constantly blabber about the goodness of the product, rather very subtly links the good feeling with the product by showing the product logo right at the end of the advertisement. Dove, as a brand has received accolades for its real beauty campaign in an advertising environment which always presents negative facets of women’s looks and tries to provide solutions with soaps, creams, lotions and cosmetics. The orientation of most of the other campaigns targeting women have been that of promoting gender stereotypes by projecting the ‘ideal’ women busy in making themselves look better, working towards the elusive perfection perpetuated by media; for their husband/partner, to get a job and to have high self-esteem. The ads preying on women’s insecurities should draw an inspiration from this ad to try and work on some positive feel good messaging through their advertising.

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