How to empower the ‘empowered’ urban women?

Amodini means ‘happiness’. Some people also perceive it as ‘Aamdani’ or income. As an initiative, we took it as our mission to provide women with livelihood opportunity or “Aamdani ka zariya”. Iss kamane ke zariye ne parivaar mein, gaon mein izzat afzayi to di hi, saath hi pehle jo haath maarne ke liye utthte the, unhe rok paane ki kshamta bhi aane lagi.  If large organisations restrict themselves to recognising exemplary work and do not commit themselves to empowerment projects, scalability, consistency and continuity cannot be achieved. It is with this thought that we commenced Amodini as our CSR initiative.

Our Amodini winners are those who have transformed their wounds into honours. They have honoured the project, which is a four year old baby by accepting the Amodini award.


The most critical question in current context is: How do we empower an empowered woman of the city today? Amodini is meaningless to her because she has got education, skill, family support-basically all pre-requisites for empowerment. But the violence against women and girls happening all around her is disrupting the very core of empowerment. It doesn’t get resolved by coming out in huge numbers on the streets to protest. In fact, we don’t seem to have any answers for the solution of this problem. We need to put our minds together to choose the direction for future. Can we work on empowerment and ignore this fundamental issue? No, therefore we are going to work with 1.2 million people on our facebook page and ask them to come with some practical solutions. We will be talking to the Government through various institutions to work on this issue not just by offering safety measures for women, but also working on men’s mentality. Measures need to be taken to understand what exactly has de-generated value systems and thought process of young men in our country. We have to solve these issues- till then Amodini will be stuck……

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