It’s Time For Some Sibling Revelry

“Gadha, how dare you, shut up, If you can do it, so can I. Huh! Gender equality, I am the best!…..MOOOOM tell bro to take it easy”..…This in short was my in-depth conversation with my brothers when Mom and Dad tried very hard to keep us all under the same roof, wishing that we were old enough to be sent to college.

Like I said sometime back, I am the youngest of the three of us. Part of a robust healthy-shealthy Punjabi tabbar, a typical big fat family where every moment is a celebration of life. All the festivals would be an excuse to indulgeourselves in complete debauchery. Withfull gusto,mauj-masti, fair share of fights both physical and verbal J, and many a times involving blackmailing too, Rakhi was always my top favourite.

After all, it used to be the one day when I was treated like a princess by my bully brothers. No fights, everyone being nice to me, while I got to indulge myself in sumptuous sweets, new clothes and bundles of gifts….it used to be awesome! Albeit the gifts would come from Dad in the initial years, and later from my bros directly and indeed they would accuse me of robbing them of all their savings.

Rakhi has always been special to me like so many of us. It makes me treasure the beautiful relationship of a brother and sister that is so selfless….no demands, no expectations, just hardcore fun. This unconditional love can outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, and resurface after quarrels that would sink any relationship. Surely, you can’t have a better roomie or confidant during your wild childhood days…I guess they are right when they talk about bonding and siblings.

Whenever I reminisce the old days, I can’t stop laughing. Of course we dint mind punching our brothers then and they in turn pulling our hair over petty fights. It used to be crazy with mom intervening to stop us from hurting each other during our WWF sessions. LOL! The midnight maggi, the kite flying, the arm wrestling, hiding chocolates from each other, teasing on the new hairstyle…Sigh! No otherperson can understand us like our siblings and have that connection. I remember picking up a fight with a guy double my size, who was bullying by brother in school.Hah! Can’t imagine doing that now though J…

Over the years, I have understood the essence of the festival of RakshaBandhan, and how it keeps my bond with my brothers strong. A simple thread conveys a lot more than mere words. One of the few relationships that every girl swears by. Since, it’s only with your siblings that you can make fun of the irritating relatives in your family, and mimic them to laugh your guts out even at this age.

Though nuclear families and distances have increased in today’s time, this relationship can never fade. I cherish every moment spent with my brothers, and Rakhi gives me a chance to relive those moments. Of course, I get more expensive gifts now, but that it is a different story altogether 😉 …Happy RakshaBandhan to everyone. Enjoy and have lots of fun!

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