A simple dream in a chaotic world – Spreading Secularism

A friendly conversation with a dear friend over a cuppa turned into a gloomy discussion as we came across the recent news that is swarming the media circles. While she heaved a big sigh, I was struck by a bag full of emotions. Pity. Anger. Sadness. But most importantly, it was disappointment.


I was emotional to see the condition of people caught up in the recent communal violence which has invaded Muzaffarnagar with full ferocity. I could sense the amount of fear in the eyes of people who were mere victims of a fight which was blown out of proportion. It settled in a feeling of nostalgia, where in as children we read in our history books about trains of dead bodies lying in pool of blood during partition. I always thought, with so much education and awareness we have grown out of such trivial fights, however such re-occurrences always shake my faith and make me more worried about the future of our nation.

The cruel seed of communalism sits dormant within the core of our country and keeps bubbling up every now and then. With the passage of time, it has encroached our country so bashfully that it disheartens me to see how our dream of a peaceful society is disintegrating painfully.

We all are aware of how sensitive our country is, over religious issues. However, I am flabbergasted to see how simple men turn into blood-thirsty monsters when it comes to communal fights. Women, children, old – nobody is spared. They are driven by such frantic power that narrows down their vision and makes them forget that all they are doing is harming the innocents and unarmed.

All this reminded me of a video presented by Reliance Cinemas, which I had seen some time back. There were these group of disabled children who were reciting our national anthem through signs and it created such an impeccable positive aura. What they represented was such a beautiful thought – patriotism has no language.Image

How their innocent faces depicted uniformity irrespective of the cast, creed or community was a reassuring sight. It re-defined the true words of our National Anthem which calls out for a just and equal society. These petty barriers of language and religion are only hindrances to annihilate the vision for a flourishing nation.

So tell me how does all this distinguish us from savages or animals? As written in Gita, humans are the greatest species of all, and we have the ability to make choices. Yet sadly, we end up making the wrong ones. We chose war over peace and blood over brotherhood. With blinkers on eyes and vengeance in our minds, we evade the greater good of humanity and end up wasting several lives to quench our anger.

I wonder why don’t we look at grave matters that are floating in our society instead of partaking in this endless fight with daggers and knives. Our society reeks of ill customs and deep embedded filths like corruption. Let us focus on that and strategize on how one can kill such issues instead of harming the innocent and causing baseless chaos.


Let us not degrade the value of human life and take up a more holistic view on patriotism by spreading communal harmony, just like those differently abled children who instil within us a ray of hope for a better future!

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