Tanishq’s new ‘congruent’ ad: advertising that works, and not just for the brand

Ad campaigns are perhaps the most visible, most repeated pieces of communication that most of us receive in our daily lives. We are bombarded with carefully created images, slogans, and catchy tunes to ensure that we think of a brand in a certain way. And to ensure that the brand is perceived that way in a short span of time, huge amounts of money are … Continue reading Tanishq’s new ‘congruent’ ad: advertising that works, and not just for the brand


Any discussion with my Marketer friends on development strategies inevitably reaches a point where someone usually asserts, “Why aren’t we doing more with NPOs?”. I don’t believe they are wrong when they ask – why is the for profit world not constantly integrating the less privileged communities amongst which it operates and thrives. I think the time has come where we need to adopt a … Continue reading A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE WORLD

Spread a million smiles!

Meet Antara Roy. A vivacious young girl, who always entertains everyone with her incessant chatter. You must try the cookies she bakes, absolutely scrumptious! She has this sparkle in her eyes when you meet her, and it is amazing to see how proudly she talks about becoming a chef.  My first encounter with Antara was during the theatre workshops in Muskaan, where she instantly started … Continue reading Spread a million smiles!