Gone are the days when you could tie down our ambitions and suppress our thoughts. Today, we aim to fly. We follow our own heart and speak our mind. Yes, we are independent – the new age woman as I call us.

I relate today’s woman to Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi; known for good luck and positivity that she brings to the household. Clad in a red silk saree (indicating prosperity) with gold coins cascading from her hands (indicating wealth); this Hindu Goddess is considered to be the epitome of good fortune. Seated on a full bloomed lotus, the beautiful Goddess represents the four aspects of life through her four hands – Dharma (uprightness), Kama (desires), Artha (affluence) and Moksha (nirvana).


According to me, we women have every right to be given the appellation of a Goddess. And why not? We have emerged as true winners in all the roles that we play. A housewife? Impeccably played! A mother? Couldn’t get better! And now as a responsible breadwinner too in many households.

I see so many women entrepreneurs today who have made a mark in the corporate landscape. They are at par with men and doing remarkably well. It might seem like a cakewalk but trust me it is much harder. I can empathize with so many women who have to juggle between their household and workplaces.


So once she is done with the household chores, packing lunchboxes for the family and taking care of the other basic needs of the children; she leaves her confined space and enters the competitive world – people there don’t care how much she is bogged down by the family duties, all they want are results. Fair enough. So she works hard…harder…hardest… And proves herself.

However, it is not an overnight change. This new Lakshmi Avatar that I have noticed in most of the women has taken quite a long time to establish; covering the distance from kitchen to boardrooms has taken years. Changing our shabby nigh suits to crisp blazers have been quite a journey. Unlike earlier times when our job was confined to making meals for our family, now we are conducting seminars, presenting PPTs and leading teams in addition to our household chores.



We are self-sufficient; we can write, read and most importantly think. In fact, we have so much agency today that we can make a change. We are excelling in all fields, some of us are leaders, some are doctors, lawyers and what not. Like Goddess Lakshmi, today we can produce wealth on our own and do not need a man to support us or a society to guide us.

While many tag this new age woman as a rebel; I wouldn’t agree. However, I would like to add that she is a strong force to reckon with. So her days of abuse are over, she no longer will gulp down the atrocities with silence; she will fight back. Why? Because she is independent now. Strong-willed, smart, intelligent and powerful.


As the famous saying goes, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  All I can say is, cheers to such women who have evolved into stronger beings. Let us celebrate this Navratri with not just the mere idols of Goddess Lakshmi, but also with the women who have made our society so much better. A tribute to all such pretty ladies who indeed bring in good luck and prosperity not just to their respective households, but to the entire country!






  1. A question to Ms.kapoor

    Ms.Kapoor you have been known as a lady who focuses on women empowerment,i would like to know how do you define the word ’empowerment’ with context to women as if it is related to just providing education and earning means to a female then how could one empower a women in a metro city as she is educated and earns well but actually doesn’t get her rightful place in society.

    1. Hi Kashish,

      Education is a starting point of empowerment , Alongwith this comes development of an intrinsic self belief that you are as good as anyone irrespective of gender.
      Women in Metros often walk between two extremes of emancipation and traditional. What can help masses is a balance and understanding of who you are,what you want to be and how do you address this in your life.
      Best Regards

  2. Ms. Kapoor,

    “A leader of today who inspires me to become a leader tomorrow”

    Madam you are a true LEADER.

    It is very difficult to find a true leader like you in today’s dynamic environment where all the corporate’s focus only on fetching profits,whereas you are the one who knows the technique of magnetizing the profits along with meeting your commitment towards society.

    I being a management student have been following you since last 5 years as your way of management inspires me the most and i aim to become the next ‘Nita Kapoor’ of the Tobacco industry.

    The way you make use of “cause-marketing” is itself a trait of a true visionary as this concept is very-new to Indian industry and very few have experimented with it, further your understanding about the distribution channel,your brands and the value chain of yours along with analyzing that of your competitors have actually made you redefine the brands under the GPI Umbrella.

    Madam,your association with Amodini, Bravery and Muskaan further highlights your commitment towards society.

    Madam i look forward to meet you in the near future if i could ever get an opportunity to personally interact with you.


    Mr.Kashish mehrotra

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