Any discussion with my Marketer friends on development strategies inevitably reaches a point where someone usually asserts, “Why aren’t we doing more with NPOs?”. I don’t believe they are wrong when they ask – why is the for profit world not constantly integrating the less privileged communities amongst which it operates and thrives.

I think the time has come where we need to adopt a practical formula. After all, the role of a Corporate towards the society has reached an inflection point. Consumers are more aware than ever and they want the Companies to be more socially responsible and give back in meaningful ways to their communities. Thus, I believe that an initiative like gift for good can only add to the alignment between two the two large groups “The Haves” and “The Have nots” which can create internal solidity and external conviction, resulting in increased impact on the society.

Also, it makes me realize how a little support can make a big impact on our community…how every cog in the wheel plays a significant part in the progress of the society and how crucial it is to partner with the right nonprofit organizations.  There are so many small scale businesses that don’t get the credit they deserve, hence with bringing in together NPO’s and a cause in the framework one can help place the power of Brands back on the agenda.

But many Companies are hesitant to open that door. Therefore, I’d like to give examples of some of the NPOs, GPI has partnered with to promote “Gift for Good” and open the gates for ‘the other side needs’.Image

Earthy Good Foundation: The NPO is responsible for bringing ethical and natural handcrafted products made in rural villages into our homes.  It works with artisans and micro organizations at the grass-root level and helps them create end-marketable products. The main aim is to make sure that small scale rural industries do not get sidelined from the mainstream market.

Vidya Udyog Kendra:  It is a women empowerment program which supports and promotes women from rural areas to get opportunities for financial independency. Various training and workshops are arranged by this NPO where women are taught special skills to learn and then earn.


J & K HELP Foundation: It basically aims at empowering the marginalized sections of the society; especially the underprivileged women. Their project called Shehjaar also provides training and workshops to young girls to help them become self-sustaining and competent. Since the craft sector is an important part of the economic landscape in the country it is crucial to support such organizations. Today, it has succeeded in training around 200 women in various processes of this art.


All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association: This organization is committed to offer independency to rural artisans. They provide these skilled workers with a platform where they can exhibit their skills and also enter the mainstream market. The main aim of Craft Mark is to protect the unique craft tradition of India and secure the livelihoods of many such workers who are not given sufficient share of the hard work they put into manufacturing various craft items.  Image

Apart from working on high impact business linked social responsibility programs, lots of corporates including ours is making small, but meaningful contributions through cards and gifts in this festive season. Come, join hands and work together to build a smart future and grow as a whole with the Community.



  1. Companies need to understand that “to stand where you are, you need to run as in today’s competitive environment competitors are running too”.

    People tend to belong themselves to those companies who show their commitment towards society.

    “Gift for good” is a wonderful initiative by Ms.Kapoor and surely will bring a positive change in lives of less-privileged people and i believe that more corporate should join their hands with this movement.

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