Ladies, your gender card has expired.

Life has never been easy for those of us who have chosen to work outside the home. Whether we work in the fields sowing paddy, or we get chauffeured to an air-conditioned office, women always have other things to worry about too – our safety, our children, the upkeep of our homes etc.

 I don’t think those things will ever completely disappear as issues we need to deal with. But life for us is a lot better now than it used to be, no? A few hundred years ago we had to deal with Sati. Then there was the time of bride burning. I’m sure we had a lot of rape crimes then too, but possibly going unreported.

 But the point I’m making is that from a ‘working’ woman’s point of view, life is a lot better now, even if the newspapers would have us believe otherwise. (Well, it’s their job to show society its flaws.)

 Today, women can choose any field they like as their profession. They can rise to any level they wish to. We have women heading global FMCG brands and banks. Moreover, the newspapers do not write about them so much anymore, which means they are not curious oddities anymore!

 Today’s successful women professionals aren’t any different from their male counterparts. They are successful for the same reasons – hard work, intelligence, and focus. For our employers, we are the same as men – a resource hired to perform a function. How well we understand our role and do our job determines our career path (there’s an x factor called ‘luck’ as well, but that’s another story).


 We should expect to be hired for our qualifications, and remunerated for our performance. The same as men. Moreover, I think in more and more organizations, that is how the cookie crumbles today.

 So, if any of you women out there are still stuck in the age where being a woman entitled you to special, ‘softer’ treatment at the work place, I say wake up. Wake up to your responsibilities. Wake up to your opportunities. Sure, demand the safety and the welfare assistance that you need as a woman. However, remember what the organization demands from you too!

 You are no longer a gender-equality showpiece. You are a resource with potential. So aim high. The glass ceiling is gone. And your gender card is past its ‘use-by’ date.

4 thoughts on “Ladies, your gender card has expired.

  1. Indeed we breath in a more acceptable & encouraging world today but…

    I think it is still a long journey ahead for I still carry a pepper spray & ride the “Ladies Compartment” of Metro everyday to office 🙂

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