Why do men throw everything away for sex?

Countless more men over the ages have done this, I’m sure! The names that come to mind straight away are Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Phaneesh Murthy, Asaram Bapu, a Supreme Court judge, and now, Tarun Tejpal. These are men who were pretty much at the top of their game. Men with great capabilities, analytical skills and intellect. Who then proceed to risk their fame, their spotless reputations and often their fortunes as well – on a mating impulse!

What do their indiscretions mean? That no matter how much willpower and focus they had in overcoming other hurdles on their way to the top, they were unable to control their basic male instinct?

Or is this a byproduct of achieving power? A perk of having made it to the top and finding that they could have their pick from a multitude of women?

Is it just the flaw in the species that produces millions of sperm to fertilise just one egg in the female? Is this evolution refusing to acknowledge society’s norms of fidelity to one partner?

Maybe it’s the age we live in. The age of information. Where nothing is a secret. Nothing can be swept under the carpet now because an explosion of media means an unsatiable appetite for content. And competitiveness for readership and viewership leads to more ‘breaking news’ scandals.

You know, it could also be a very positive sign, if you ask me. How? Because this might be the sign that women are finally refusing to hide what men have been doing to them forever – treating them like sex objects. Toys to be played with and discarded when the fun is done.

This might be tipping point of the historical imbalance between the genders. Men forcing themselves on women or using their power to extract pleasure. And getting away cheaply while women dealt with emotional damage, at the very least.

All these centuries, in what was a man’s world, there were more important things for the media to worry about. Now, at last, I hope this skeleton that’s tumbling out from mankind’s closet will be examined and lead to some good for women. Guys, your stronger-sex (and stronger sex-drive) gender card is expiring too!

What do you think?

58 thoughts on “Why do men throw everything away for sex?

  1. It is natures creation that the male runs for a female with all it’s energy just to mate whereas the female will not show so much interest even though the female May enjoy sex during intercourse

  2. It is a stigma on the society when we see people sitting on the top, involving in sex without the consent of the female victim. People sitting on the top naturally becomes ideal for others. So such people should not do such an act that inspire the other to involve in these type of shameful activities. The question why men through everything for sex? The reply is not so simple. It is the strong will power of a man that stops him from doing bad acts. But some time sex can overpowers a man who is strong enough. Opposite sex can disturb a person sitting in meditation even. Three things are very difficult to be discusses i.e. religion,God and sex. So no further comments.

    1. Hi Tara, Not so much as the acts of these powerful men, but this whole assumption of getting respectfully acquitted due to theiir sheer muscle power may be encouraging others. Need of the hour is to strengthen the execution of our laws.

  3. Appreciable views ! Please continue the chain of writing like this .Also I’d like active efforts from your-side for stopping the prostitution from our society, where women themselves are choosing the shortcut for earning more in less time . and your voice will become more stronger for saying – “Men forcing themselves on women or using their power to extract pleasure. And getting away cheaply while women dealt with emotional damage, at the very least.”

    1. Hi Jagmohan, thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the blog. Very encouraging. And well, prostitution or commercial sex work as I choose to call it is a very complex subject- to talk about it, I may have to write a separate blog article.

  4. know n numbers of women who runs after sex..so please dont put a gender biased comment….all men are not rapist…and all female are not holy cow…but all said and done without consent sex is heinous crime…be it male or female or a transgender…

  5. It happens more often than thought to be..In case of people in limelight it becomes sensational. Androgens can probably be working more efficently in some, this combined with boredom at the top leads to situational events(meaning it is already in the subconcious mind ).At any point in the present day scenario illegal sexual act cannot be justified. It wont be fair to blame only the male, both play an important role

  6. what ever you have written its a right thing from the history that every one red in a only primary step ,excuse me i have a question here , All the womens are not quite good they would like to be good looking to infront of every young and good looking mens only not infront of any impotent or undiplomatics , older males , childrens who cant under stand their necesseties ,even you women kind too have a perverted gift like if you females would like to ful fil your personnel desire with a another unknown person, secret relations ,some times partially / some times wide openly infront of evreyone maintain relations wit your relatives , family persons friendship you guys find yourselves without predicting about your partners interest , feelings oppositely even more than men womens are deserves n desired about sex ,n shows n attracts others flame persons you guys like to be mate with them at any cost for that you gives n calls in many diff types of signs n send secret gifts to then personally n made them crazy n mad about your excercise ,schedules like you call them for shopping when nobody with you for co operating in any silence movements 😛

  7. If men start loosing interest in women the world will be just like black and white TV.If you go by very hard and fast rules of conduct as per present day rules.The first move by any body at any place is tantamount to sexual harassment unless it is tolerated by the other party.

  8. The sexual matters are governed by heart and the growth ability of an individual is governed by mind. So, when sexual matters are to be decided the mind is over ruled
    by illogical impulses of heart. This could be the main reason why men loose their sense when confronted with such issues. It has been like this for many centuries but the only difference is now men have to pay heavy price for their impulses when they come across unfortunate circumstances which reveals their private actions. But note well, still what we know and what is printed and shown in media is just the tip of the ice burg or even less than that.

  9. I Think it is their money power which they gained when they are at the top. they feel they can do anything & get away with it for their pleasure just like our leader when they achive certain power politicaly & socially.

  10. It is a natural that there is always opposite sex attraction. That women also enjoy but there is some limits. that no one should cross. But one thing is final that men never do any thing without women’s consent.

  11. whatever any body may say in this matter, attraction will continue and such happenings will go on time to time inspite of the many visible examples.

  12. Nice article. The female attraction even did not spare Rushi- Vishwamitra.All above famous personalities are very small Males..

  13. It is unfortunate that men show their animal instinct so brazenly u r right when u say that people in high places exhibit they set an example for other lesser people to follow the best way to prevent this is to openly bobbitise them so that they cannot use it any more

  14. Basically we are programmed like that by nature. Men to sow their seeds as much as possible and women to accept the the best seed which can be protected and nurtured by male(strong men in the past and rich and power full now). Nature has primarily programmed us for perpetuation of our species. This programming is part of that.

  15. Well painted… but with a broad brush. No questioning the analysis of the male psyche in the case-names cited but it sinks thereafter into broad generalisations and sweeping uber-feminist conclusions about the entire male gender. No defending the indefensible but it is hard to imagine one half of the human race all dark and the other entirely fair.

  16. Well, with power comes a sense of invincibility and then everything falls apart. You start to look at others and treat them as your subjects – and at some of them just for fleeting pleasure. By the time you regain sensibilities, you have lost it all.

    Well written Nita…

  17. To a large extent, the saying is correct. of course a few percentage of role reversed cannot be ruled out. The softer sex are in general a bit more subtle compared to their counterpart in all these acts.

  18. It seems that you have forgotten the fact that men and women are animals first.There is an instinct of mating male and female . The teaching to tame the instinct fail at times. I do agree that mating forcefully is a crime. But the cruel animal instincts ,when they are more powerful they forget all the Sanskaras (teachings)

  19. sex is important for men and woman which required after certain age. now a days women are expose themselves with western style to attract men which result force or mutual sex. In my opinion, powerful women control the manpower and sex.


  21. The reasons I have mentioned above have existed for many centuries in this country, if not the rest of the world, but is now being more aggravated. Where there is Human Rights Violation their is Women rights violation. Fight for Human Rights to establish Womens Right. When Women fight for Human Rights, Womens Rights will be established. There is a Buddhist saying “Women support others, and cause others to support them”- (Nichiren Daishonin). This age old wisdom is aplicable even today. You will find that people who misuse others end up being misused themselves. Conversely those who support and protect good, are protected and supported by good. One could continue for all eternity, but I have to stop now. With Deep Regards, Komal

  22. Also lack of good exmples to follow, upbringing, family and outside influences, Karma, education, counselling or the lack of it, etc.. There are inumerable reasons. Buddism says that the physical illness are a few hundred, but mental illness from arising from 3 poisions of greed anger and stupidity are in thosands and are difficult to treat, and only a Buddha can treat tham. So become a Buddha to treat them. That is difficult indeed Regards, Komal

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