Dear Naysayers: Thanks, but no thanks!

Tomorrow, the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal will form the government in New Delhi after a stunning victory in the state elections held three weeks back. The best pre-poll and exit poll predictions had said they would get between 6 and 18 seats in the 70-seat Assembly. That would have been a great start for any political party that’s just a year old, like AAP is. But how many did they actually get? 28. Twenty eight!


And this after several of the ‘iconic’ leaders of the anti-corruption movement had distanced themselves from the newly formed political entity.

The naysayers had said then that that would be the end of the movement. That the party was doomed without Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi and others.

The naysayers must also have said that Gandhiji’s non-violence idea would never work. That Edison’s bulb would never go mass. Or that the Wright brothers’ experiment couldn’t possibly change the world of travel.

Sure, naysayers are only presenting the other perspective, being the devil’s advocates, pricking balloons to see if there’s anything in there. But sometimes I think that perspective needs to be asked to shut up. To give hope a chance. To allow a new idea or ideal an opportunity to grow up a little and defend itself against the experience-laced bitterness of the cynic’s opinion. You may tell a young man that he’ll never amount to much. Would you tell a baby that?

The glass may be half empty. Promises may be easier to make than keep. High hopes may lead to deeper disappointments. But right now, today, I’m more optimistic about my country than I have been in a long time. Because I’m hoping that perhaps, just perhaps, we may be seeing the beginning of a great change in India, after years of watching it slipping  – down the rankings in the Corruption Index, down the value of its currency, down the scale of global influence.

Sure, the know-it-all, seen-it-all pragmatists, realists, and ‘intellectuals’ are firmly on the pessimistic side of the fence. But I am not.  While they discount and fear, I’m optimistic and hopeful. Because it’s constructive. Your pessimism is, if anything, destructive.

I read an article recently in The Atlantic that says “Optimism, as the theoretical physicist David Deutsch so brilliantly describes in The Beginnings of Infinity, doesn’t mean surety about good future outcomes. Optimism is simply the certainty that any human progress to date has been a product of our collective ability to understand how things work and to craft solutions. 

“The conviction that the present is a prelude to a bad future negates that collective ability. Yes, we may indeed be at the end of the line, but by angrily dismissing optimistic arguments we are likely to fail more rapidly. Why bother striving for constructive change if you firmly reject the possibility? That leaves only one viable alternative: to envision a path forward. That path may not materialize, but striving to find it is a vital component of creating the future we dream about, and not the one that we fear.”

If you still want to smirk about the possibility of all this amounting to something good, please keep your negativity to yourself. As the national elections in a few months will show, I’m sure India is a nation that sees the glass as half full. Good luck, Arvind Kejriwal, the people of Delhi, and India!


22 thoughts on “Dear Naysayers: Thanks, but no thanks!

  1. Great Expectations

    People of Delhi have ” Great Expectations ” from AAP government

    And people of India will be watching how well AAP delivers on those expectations before 2014 general elections

    Will AAP manage to deliver on its promises ?

    Here is when great expectations turn into ” Unreasonable Expectations ” !

    TV anchors are asking this question to every single AAP leader – all the time

    And , they are also asking this question to sundry BJP / Congress leaders as well

    Asking persons who are taking vicarious pleasure in predicting that AAP will fail miserably

    Other than a random AAP leader ( notably , Arvind Kejriwal himself ), no one is saying ,

    ” Of course , AAP will fail to deliver on some of those promises – especially
    those promises which require a YES nod from Central Government

    Of course , AAP may have made some miscalculations

    Of course , AAP has no experience in running a government

    Of course , AAP will make some mistakes

    Of course , AAP has no solutions to ALL the problems of Delhi

    So what ?

    In 2009 , didn’t Congress promise to ,

    > abolish poverty ( as it has been promising for past 66 years ) ?

    > bring inflation under control within 100 days of coming to power ?
    – and then repeating that promise , every 100 days ?
    – and even forcing Planning Commission and the RBI governor to say
    the same thing at every quarterly review ? ”

    Obviously , the vanquished are in a tearing hurry to write an epitaph on AAP’s tombstone !

    I am reminded of the vultures circling in the sky when they see an animal dying on the ground !

    Are you surprised that the political vultures are waiting for AAP government to die / fail ?

    Are TV anchors allowing these vultures to use their powerful media to bring about , a ” Self – fulfilling Prophesy ” ?

    Have we become an ant crawling on a M F Hussein painting , which cannot step back and see it in perspective , in all its glory ?

    On midnight of 15th August 1947 , I walked with the crowds of people ( all of them Aam Aadmi ) , from Shivaji Park to Gateway of India , in Mumbai

    It took me 12 hours to walk that distance

    But I was lucky to have witnessed history in the making

    And now , after a lapse of 66 years , I am lucky once again , to be witnessing , another glorious moment of history !

    Let us celebrate the arrival of our second freedom – the Surajya

    Let us celebrate the beginning of the end of Cancer of Corruption

    Let us celebrate the re-birth of the Common Man – the Aam Aadmi

    * hemen parekh ( 28 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

  2. Arvind Kejriwal of AAP is the only eligible and legal party consciously permitted to rule India not by the corrupt parties like Congress and BJP. Forming the Government by the AAP is the need of the hour with the support of congress so that AAP can not be described as the corrupt party. Its origin is from anti corruption and the award or socalled comment given by the corrupt and disasters party wont affect in the 2014 LS Election.It must contest all the 542 LS seats from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
    I am BS Raman Pillai ,54 year old Senior Advocate, Ex-IAF person, Tamil Nadu ruling party AIADMK Kanyakumari District Office bearer ready to join AAP and already in the Anna Hazare’s anti corruption Make me a candidate for the Lok Sabha in the Nagercoil Lok Sabha constituency (No.39) representing AAP. Start scoring the numbers. Form the Government at the centre in 2014 with the Thumb winning majority

  3. Hi, How would you like another hung Parliament, AAP may lead nation again into that, you seems to be thinker and believer in Karma, would very much like to read more of your views. NCS

  4. Now the BJP and the Congress in the National level and all the Regional Parties are totally upset due to the sudden growth of the Aam Aadmi Party as the National Party. By taking the selfish and the opportunists persons like Retired Kiran Bedi, VK Singh and Baba Ramdev the brightness and the ambitions of the AAP from India against Corruption wont reduce but it will grow more and more and their statements for the sake of corrupt politicians and their parties wont work out.
    People like Medha Patkar extended the support is the real award for getting the entire Lok Sabha seats to AAP.
    People from some of our party falling on the trap of the most experienced corrupt parties in particular very much careful and cautious because the AAP is the new political party established for the purpose and the persons elected for the purpose should not deviate from their path. Incase not understanding the methods and procedure of the party must be asked to maintain the discipline because the days counted are very short and the entire political circle is watching on us every momentum.

    Let us awake from our sleep for getting the country prepared to route the most contageous disease of Corruption from our country and incase any one falling on their trap must be routed from the party without seeing anything . Let us fight all the seats of Lok Sabha from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in the label of Aam Aadmi Party and form the Government at the centre.

  5. Binny issue Today is not the matter because now it is admitted that he belongs to congress and I believe he is an orthodx christian intruded in the Anti corruption camp as per the direction of Rahul and Sonia. In India it is not surprised that the Christians will sacrifice their life dfor the sake of christainity. Sonia is their goddess in India and only because of that the foreign funds are flowing in the Indian churches for the conversion. They are worse than the Muslim Extremists/Terroists.
    Now the game played by the Binny is on the hands of Congress especially the cheap politics of the most corrupt congress. AAP must remove the thorn from the way and proceed for the cause. The such dirtiest politics will be played by the congress and the BJP till the date of the LS Result. Nothing will hamper the AAP and it will catch the entire seats of the country.
    Arvind kejriwal must see the persons whom he is going to provide the tickets.

  6. First time in the Indian History after Independence any Union Government got afraid from the State Government. Delhi constitution provides special status as Independent state and statehood. How the BJP and the Congress continued as the state Governments by sharing the Police Power with the Union Government’s Home Ministry. The Congress and the BJP till today deceived the Delhi citizens. These Governments how the laws and the crimes were controlled in the state list? Definitely they did not do anything for the citizens of Delhi.
    Why the crimes have been increasing day by day in Delhi because in the Delhi state there is no independent Police Force at all.
    The Delhi Police in the Delhi state is the gundas for the citizens of Delhi. The Union Government at the centre making the Delhi citizens as totally fools. The law makers while granting the statehood for Delhi behaved as senseless. In any state the main duties and responsibilities must be looking after the well being of their citizens. No protection for the lives of the citizens from the hands of criminals but they must be at all times controlled by the union Government’s Home Ministry.
    Now it is clear incase Delhi citizens prefers to elect any other Governments other than the Union ruling party the situation of the Delhi state will be daily murder, Rape, prostitution, say all other illegal activities through the Delhi Police. Delhi Police will be the key persons working under the rowdies of the union government.
    Somnath Bharti , the Delhi Law Minister definitely would have not taken the recent incident of Khirki village where some foreigner was involved definitely the Nation would have not known the dirty politics of the main political parties are conducting in the Delhi especially of BJP and the Congress. Now the action of the central government say upa is some what satisfactory by their consideration of whether the Republic Day function will be conducted or not doubt only made to rethink about the agitation conducted by the Delhi Chief Minister only made to send the erring official on long leave. Sending long leave is as good as the suspension.
    Now it is for the Delhi Police to work under the State Government of Delhi by maintaining the law and order of the state and not under the Home Ministry to take the vengence against any persons as per the wishes of the Home Minister.
    India is not the NATO country but the UPA chairperson and her son who is the congress prince may be the NATO citizen but the entire Indians are not. But the Washington DC of US there might be seperate administration and the same may be controlled by the special forces of the White House commandos. This is India. Our constitution is the rigid one and we have followed several Democracies constitution. Delhi is the seperate state. Congress and the BJP without using their common sense not only at the centre but in the state too did not realise the problems of the Delhi citizens and gave the seperate statehood. BJP and Congress did not come forward to remove the vacuum made in the statehood provision without the Police force for the state.
    Now the only National Party AAP lead by Arvind Kejriwal can make the proper legislation and provide seperate Police Force for Delhi to maintain Law and Order especially the increasing problems of crimes against women in the next Union Government.
    No Policy making power is vested with neither BJP nor the Congress so the country must choose AAP in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election 2014 and make it as the clean sweep through our Broom.

  7. It is for the Nation’s National & Political Parties of India. Aam Aadmi Party has completed one month in its office. Almost touched the maximum Aam Aadmi Party’s maximum manifestos. Some times the congress may withdraw its support extended to AAP because of the inbvestigations on the 1984 sikh riots and also at any time now from the expectations of actions against the former Chief Minister Sheela Dikshit’s involvement in the Common Wealth Games charges.
    Nothing will happen for the AAP if it goes the government even today. Ready to face the Delhi State Election along with the Lok Sa bha Election.
    Now all the other state governments started copying the actions of the AAP at Delhi.
    Nation is watching the activities of Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwalji very keenly.
    2014 is the year of Aam Aadmi Party and will form the Government at the centre with absolute majrity. Jai Hind !

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