Gospel of the Gita or Gita Gyaan

Part II Respect thy Enemy We all love to savour the sweet taste of success. Any victory or accomplishment is accompanied by a great sense of relief and I usually celebrate my successes after the noise and initial congratulatory rounds of back patting and floral bouquets have ebbed. I sit alone in a quiet corner, relishing a drink or two and retracing the path that … Continue reading Gospel of the Gita or Gita Gyaan

Seek and ye shall find!

I distinctly remember those long, sultry summer afternoons of leisure when ma, grandpa and grandma would narrate stories from the legendary epic Mahabharata, an amalgam of perhaps every kind of situation, emotion and circumstance that a human being may find himself or herself in during one’s lifetime. The hundreds of characters, apart from the main protagonists, namely the Kauravas and the Pandavas, who are embroiled … Continue reading Seek and ye shall find!