Simplicity of Thought and Clarity of Deed

For quite some time, I had been extremely curious to attend a discourse by Sahdhguru Jaggi Vasudev of the Isha Foundation fame, a yoga practitioner, scholar, philosopher and teacher. I have often read some very insightful quotes, articles and thoughts articulated by him and have always found his ideas very fascinating. Thus, when I got my chance, I went to attend Sadhguru’s sadhana and satsang held at the Thyagaraja Stadium on 1st December.

Inspite of Delhi traffic  I was eager to listen to Sadguru in person.  I went and seated myself amongst the audience and was pleasantly surprised that majority of the audience comprised of very young people. In fact, the older lot was clearly outnumbered by the youngsters, which came as quite a revelation to me as it is often assumed that only people in their 40s or even older ones are more inclined towards spiritual discourses.

I felt rather “old” amongst such young audience but also happy as it was so refreshing to see the youth present in such large numbers seeking and questioning Sadhguru for a better insight and understanding of their issues, both personal and professional.

The larger part of Sadhguru’s talks focused on the not so distant future when intellect and awareness would eventually enable people to understand that we are all a part of One Universe. This channelizing of inner wisdom will make us realise how we are all but a miniscule atom of the infinite universe and there exist no boundaries of religion, colour, caste, creed or nationality in the macrocosm. This knowledge will lead to a transformation of how humanity considers religion and perhaps end all violence that is occurring in the name of religion. Or the lack of it will lead to seeking solace of the unnatural kind .

He also dwelt on the significance of Tat Twam Asi, the central theme of the Upanishads and it translates as “Thou art that,” “You are that” as in each human being is but a part of the Universal Whole. He sees himself as a channel for awakening this collective societal consciousness before the masses, particularly the youth, degenerated towards addictions and compulsive cravings of alcohol and drugs owing to disillusionment from life and relationships.

And this is bound to happen sooner than later in this strife-torn world with wars, terrorism, assault and conflicting rearing their ugly heads sporadically all over the planet under the garb of religion or class or socio-economic differences. According to Sadhguru, the artificial crutches that are so easy to fall prey to in times of weakness need to be bypassed and in lieu of these, the answers need to be sought from within.

Being a fantastic orator with a very sharp sense of humour, he had the audience enthralled with his ready wit and disarming charm and easily addressed any question pertaining to say sexuality, intolerance, conflict, personal loss, failure, et al…

I realized how the simplicity of his words spoken with his characteristic smile and peaceful expression struck an immediate chord with majority of the audience and how true his words were.

After spending a stimulating 2 hours , I paid my respect with a promise to listen to him more often . The only regret was for more Prasad.


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