Shift in Indian Demographics & its Dividend

From an FMCG ( including clothing and education)   perspective the shift in demographics can be considered , if not already in the forthcoming annual plans that are being worked on by most companies as I write .

Whilst we all know India is young ..the growth in the 15-34 yrs age band in the  next 6 years will be 480 Million youngsters up from 460Million ( 4.3% increase) the largest growth rate across age bands.

Whilst this growth will be across the country , let’s consider the Urban part of the country where consumption remains largely unaffected and tends to switch up or down given the expansion and contraction of share of wallet .

The current urban food basket will further undergo a change and categories such as Clothing , Footwear , Education, will see a late single digit if not double digit growth rate .Clearly those e – commerce companies  with rational Balance sheets will command a significant share of wallet for this age band.

Interestingly , since this age band also co incide’s with the ‘marriageable’ age and setting up home , first kid or maybe 2nd  …Medical Care , Mid premium Housing ,Banking,  Durable Goods , Telecommunications with serious data pipelines will be the categories to watch for .

Lastly for those interested in segmentation , there are some very interesting ways to slice and dice this age band . For e.g. Young girls seeking economic empowerment , New Married Couple , Young start ups ,…

The states to keep an eye for – Rajasthan , UP !! , J&K, Harayna, MP,Jharkhand,Orissa, Gujarat ,Assam are the clear front runners .


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