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Nita profile
COO (Domestic), Godfrey Phillips India. A marketers mind. Loves to discuss brands. Strongly believes in Karma – what you sow is what you reap.

“Work is empowering, only if it is accompanied by performance.”

 I firmly believe in ‘Karmanye Vadhikarast’, a mantra that has guided my life ever since I was a child. Having started my career in advertising I moved over to doing, what is popularly known as Cause Marketing today. As an ardent evangelist of marketing with a cause I stand by and am passionate about ideas that can bring about the much needed change in the society. My areas of interest include brands, music & fitness.


4 thoughts on “Know Me More

  1. Nita your profile and your journey is very interesting. As a woman professional who entered the UN 22 years ago after a career in journalism and advertising, and while during the first decade of work life I was preoccupied with children, joint family and social ‘limits’ and norms, my second decade of work life opened out to lots of new possibilities and opportunities. I work and live abroad right now but am very keenly following the debates on contributions by young women professionals in general and in India in particular. Your blog piece on women professionals and communication and management styles is very insightful. I too follow the principle and teachings from the Gita and apart from ‘Karmanye Vadhikarasthe’, I attempt to practice ‘Prasada Buddhi’ – easier said than done….

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